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Additional Services

In addition to our Lawn Maintenance and Pest Control Services, we also provide other quality services. Each of these services has its own unique benefits in helping to improve the quality and appearance of your lawn and landscape.

Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Services

  • Landscape installation
  • Ground cover installation (mulch, pine straw, rock, etc.)
  • Irrigation analysis, repairs and quarterly maintenance
  • Top dressing services (sand, top soil, etc.)
  • Sod restoration
  • Clean ups

Pest Control and Turf Management Services

  • Core Aeration (beneficial for root growth and the overall health of turf
  • Soil Ph testing and amendments
  • Sago Palm Cycad Scale treatments
  • Moisture Management Applications (helps prevent drought stress)
  • Flower Bed Pre Emergence Weed Control Applications

 If you do not see a particular service you are interested in, please call or contact us.