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About Us

Growing up as a child, everyone had chores to do. One of those chores usually included mowing the lawn. However, I never really viewed it as a chore. I enjoyed cutting the lawn then going around each tree with hand shears and sweeping off the debris from the driveway and sidewalk. (This was before we had string trimmers and blowers). The most enjoyable part was when I was done, standing out in the road looking at what I had done and how good the lawn looked. I took pride in my work and it didn’t take long for the neighbors to notice. Pretty soon I was mowing their lawns as well.

Many things have changed since those days, but some things have not. My work ethic, dedication and pride in doing a great job are still as passionate as ever. These qualities are embedded in everything we do!

At Horizon Lawn & Pest Control, we fully understand the commitment and dedication it takes to keep a lawn and landscape properly maintained and looking its best. Our top quality services are designed to provide you with the lawn and landscape you desire as well as deliver the utmost customer satisfaction. Along with our services, it is our experience, reliability, attention to detail and desire to meet your needs that set us apart from other companies out there today.

We would love the opportunity to earn your business.